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Combat Jujitsu is one of the hottest trends in martial arts today. In fact, a lot of martial arts masters are creating a new and unique form of all martial arts known as combat martial arts. Learning combat Jujitsu can have a lot of benefits.

Jujitsu is a very skilled martial arts that uses a lot of different moves such as holds, mounting, grappling, takedowns, and a whole lot more. If you are persistent, determined and disciplined you can learn Combat Jujitsu and experience an entirely new level of personal development through it.

Jujitsu is an ancient martial art originating from the country of Japan, and was created in the 1500s. The ancient martial art of Jujitsu combines all of the grappling, holds, mounting, and takedown moves with relaxing and beneficial meditations.

Judo was actually developed from the ancient martial art of Jujitsu in the 1800s by a man named Jigoro Kano. Jigoro Kano took a variety of different techniques from other masters of Jujitsu and meshed them together into Judo. Kano called this form of Jujitsu and Judo “Kadokan Judo”. Kano soon found out that his dog’s breakfast version of Jujitsu wasn’t as great as he thought it was. His students could not defeat the Jujitsu students in any of the competitions they engaged in. Kano knew it was time for a change, and he chose to add some more skills to his form of Judo — joint locking techniques, choking techniques and holds. One of Kano’s students eventually moved to the beautiful country of Brazil and brought his unique form of Jujitsu and Judo to the country with him. From there, the martial arts of Jujitsu and Judo spread throughout the world.

Combat Jujitsu takes the original Jujitsu and creates a martial arts that has a lot more combat involved, especially self-defense moves. Learning self-defense in any form of martial art is a great benefit. It can even save your life. It will give you the confidence you need to know that you can protect yourself and those around you. You do not need to be scared anymore. You will learn how to watch out for situations you need to get away from, how to escape an attacker trying to hurt you, feel more confident and self-reliant when you go out. Also, you can have a lot of fun learning combat Jujitsu while you are becoming a healthier person overall.

Practicing combat Jujitsu on a regular basis will help you in self-defense and meditation. You will also reduce your risks for many debilitating diseases. In an age of fast food, fast cars, no sleep, 500 channels and road rage, learning this martial art will have countless benefits!

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As I was reading about Martial Arts and all that it involves, I became very enthralled. I dared to find out what all the excitement was about. The phenomenon of martial arts to be used as a workout regiment for many athletes or even perspective physical fitness fans is growing rapidly. In a nutshell, this is all that I discovered.

What I found to be most interesting is the fact that martial arts is researched and is used for various reasons based on each individual’s goals. Martial arts are simply defined as the systems of practices and traditions of training for combat. The sport is utilized for combat skills, fitness, self- defense, character development and building self-confidence. I feel that the art is commendable in that it strives to enhance moral values and provide guidance for children who become involved with the sport. So, I decided to study further to obtain information on how it may be beneficial as a “workout regiment.” I continued to find measures that could contribute to a successful martial arts workout. Coincidentally, the art has as one of its benefits the exercising of your body and mind so you gain a “good well rounded” workout.

Many forms of martial arts will help you burn calories, along with the structuring of strength and endurance. You would not believe that the appropriate administration of the martial arts techniques helps you burn up 600 calories within an hour. However, it is important that you find the style that will be most accommodating to your lifestyle. Let me discuss with you the different styles in order for you to choose the best fit for you.

For full body training, Judo may be a perfect choice for you. Judo is defined as “the gentle way” and concentrates more on self-defense as opposed to attacking your opponent. Its basic purpose is to throw your component through different techniques to disarm him. It is recommended, however, that you are not physically challenged to perform these movements.

Perhaps Kung Fu may be an option for you. This will definitely add some spice to your workout. Kung Fu is put into two categories, hard and soft. The hard style focuses mainly on impressive strikes and kicks, while the other, soft Kung Fu focuses more on staying balanced and grounded when attacked. At any rate, both styles are prominent for self-defense skills while simultaneously enhancing quickness and agility. If you desire more of a challenge or competitive edge, learn Karate. Different from Kung Fu, Karate displays more combative and focuses on blows with the hands and feet. There are also special breathing and shouting techniques. Karate is a great choice especially for family exercising as classes are offered from the beginner to competitive.

Lastly, Tai Chi is another form of martial arts. During Tai Chi, your goal is to control energy, conveniently known as “Chi.” Its practice is to have slow and controlled movements that vary in the length of performance. Tai Chi is not very advantageous with weight loss, yet it does prove to improve flexibility and reduce stress. More so, it may even lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Since the techniques are slower than other martial art forms, it appears to be a good choice for older exercises or for those of us that suffer from mobility issues because of arthritis, illness or injuries.

From all the information that I have gathered, I hope that it makes it less complicated for you to decide which martial art style that would best meet your objectives. Whichever workout regiment that you try, it is sure to maximize your physical endurance as well as uplift your mental clarity. I encourage you to have a positive attitude from the day you begin on this journey. Always remember that martial arts are equivalent to self-confidence, high moral and ultimate respect first and then the rest will emanate into your everyday life. Finally, I must inform you as well, always get advice from your medical personnel before beginning any of these styles of martial arts. Pay close attention to your body and recognize when you need a break. Remember, martial arts is about improving your life and enhancing your workout regimen, not causing harm to yourself.

Bottom line that’s the difference in the mindset between a champion and just another fighter. The difference between winning and losing. This is the attitude you must have to overcome all the obstacles in your training and matches. Focus, hard work and commitment are some of the key factors in the making of a champion. Knowing the right way to train/condition your mind and body will increase your odds in becoming a champion. So how do you go about it? First it starts with your most powerful asset or weapon you have, your thoughts. We are all in control of our destiny because we control our thoughts. WHAT THE MIND CAN BELIEVE THE MIND CAN ACHIEVE!

A lot of people do not like to hear this because it makes them responsible for where they are at in life, it takes away excuses for failing, not trying or giving up. It’s all about attitude that sets you apart from every one else. DO OR DIE that is the attitude you need to defeat your opponents in the ring or outside of it in the real world. When you don’t feel like training because you are to sore, tired from a long day at work or your hand hurts or there are other things you need to get done these are excuses that you put in the way so you don’t achieve your goal. You have to train and condition your mind to focus on your goal so you have a burning desire to obtain it.

If two opponents of equal strength and fighting ability step into the ring the man with the stronger mind will be victorious. Here are some ways to train your mind to have the edge over your opponent. Take time to visualize your match or techniques in your mind with a clear, detailed and realistic picture for 10–30 minutes twice a day once in the morning when you awake and before going to sleep. This will feed positive messages to your subconscious mind.

The key to visualization is to have 100% belief and faith that you WILL ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL and this is YOUR PURPOSE AND DESTINY. Push away any doubt you have when it comes into your mind or the negative thoughts will cancel out the positive message. After a little while it well becomes easier to believe what you are telling yourself. The mind can not tell what is real or imagined when you keep telling it something. You will subconsciously begin believing those messages. attracting people in your life that will help you reach your goal and you will begin ACTING, TRAINING and FIGHTING like a champion.

My most influential teachers always said the most important karate lesson was whatever fostered greater discipline and self control. They wisely pointed out, that with this foundation in place, everything else follows in natural order.

I’m glad that people have started to ask about discipline and self control in karate, because it is not inherently obvious how the practice of punches and kicks can lead to improvement in these areas.

In fact it almost seems like a paradox that the practice of martial arts could possibly develop calm, assured and highly disciplined individuals. Are we all falling for the hype that is touted in the popular martial arts magazines or is there really some truth to the claims of improved discipline and increased self-control?

Just like anything else, lasting change must come from within. No matter how much we all think a person should change they will only change if they believe it is necessary and no amount of karate training will alter this.

However if you have an individual who has acknowledged that he or she needs more discipline and self-control then the martial arts can definitely help. Also if a parent sees that their child is out of control more often than they are in control then martial arts can certainly provide a possible solution. This is how and why a positive turnaround can happen.

· Martial arts provide a very structured training system and methodology for teaching the various techniques and drills. Structure is essential for improving discipline and just by being exposed to set parameters, rules and clear goals a person can begin to understand the importance of discipline.

· Learning karate is often very attractive to an unruly and angry individual because it seems like the ideal method to learn how to hurt and punish others. If such an individual joins a reputable dojo (karate school) he will quickly realize that the martial arts are not really about this at all, however he should also realize that many people within the dojo possess exceptional self-defense skills yet show tremendous self-control. This type of leadership by example can often have a very positive effect on somebody who initially has set off down the wrong path.

-All people need some kind of guidance from a higher authority while they find their own way in this world. Many young people unfortunately turn to gangs to find this kind of brotherhood but a martial arts school can offer an alternative solution with far more desirable results.

The authority figure is of course the instructor and if he or she has the right charisma and calming presence about them, this can be very inspiring to a young person looking for some guidance in life. Strong discipline and self-control in this positive but challenging environment will be natural by-products of the overall experience.

-Discipline comes from making a decision to commit to something that is deemed valuable. Becoming a black belt in any martial art has many positive connotations and benefits. There are numerous stories of current black belts and even high-ranking instructors who turned their whole lives around through their involvement in the martial arts. Probably every martial arts school in the country has at least one student on their roster who can attest to this fact.

-Self-control comes from having respect for one another. One of the core tenets of the martial arts is respect and if you want to guarantee a swift exit from your karate school then not showing respect to your instructor and your fellow members is a sure way to achieve this. Conversely through understanding the importance of respect for everyone around us our self-control cannot fail to improve.

All of the above are, in my opinion, some very clear reasons as to how and why the martial arts can provide a very positive and enriching experience to everyone who begins their journey on the path to self-improvement.

Good luck and best wishes on your journey in the marital arts.

Also known as the Kung Fu fist forms, the 5 animals of Kung Fu are known all across the world, and are some of the deadliest martial arts you can study. There are other specific fist styles in Kung Fu, although none of them are as powerful or as well known as the 5 animal styles. As the name implies, these forms were derived from the animals in which they got their names from.

The Dragon Claw
The Dragon Claw is very well known, with the Chinese believing that this style comes directly from the ancient dragon. This style uses an open hand technique that is used for controlling the opponent through grabbing and throwing. Using an open hand technique, stylists may also use the fingers to poke as well. Dragon Claw is very fast, very hard to defend against — and nearly impossible to predict.

The Leopard Claw
The Leopard Claw style utilizes a half opened fist. The ideal striking method with Leopard is the ridge of the hand, which is formed by folding the fingers towards the palm of the hand, with the palm being the backup or secondary striking method. Leopard Claw is very fast as well, and very lethal if the stylist has enough technique and power behind his strikes.

The Tiger Claw
Tiger Claw uses an open hand movement that is used for tearing and grabbing. Tiger Claw is the most well known of the 5 animal system, and also one of the most well known forms of Kung Fu as well. It isn’t affected by simply grabbing and gripping with the hand, but from the digging of the fingernails deep into the skin. Once the fingernails have been embedded in the opponent’s skin, the Tiger Claw stylist can shred the skin right off the bone, tearing the opponent apart. Tiger Claw is very powerful — and one of the deadliest forms in the world of martial arts.

The Snake Head
Snake Head resembles the attack of a snake in combat, using an open hand technique which requires the fingers to be held together tight, fully extended. The tips of the finger form a very hard surface, used to attack the softest and most vital areas of the opponent. In order to be effective, both hands need to be used together at the same time.

The Crane Beak
Crane involves the fingers being pressed together tightly, forming a striking surface at the base of the stylist’s fingertips. Although the fingers can be conditioned to a high level of strength, most attacks using the Crane technique are focused towards the most vital areas of an opponent.

The 5 animal styles of Kung Fu are very popular, and very deadly. Martial artists that know any of these forms are very deadly — and more than capable of defending themselves against anything that comes their way.

One of the main reasons parents enroll their children in martial arts is discipline. You have seen it before. A parent enrolls their child in your class expecting you to suddenly and indefinitely whip them into shape so that they never answer back or behave badly. The problem is that their child has a limited attention span and uncontrollable energy.

One of their favorite activities is to fall down on the floor or to hang on your leg. Your job is to make them a disciplined ninja warrior with perfect focus. This type of child can make or break you. They can destroy your very best lesson plan in an instant if you do not pay attention to discipline. Is it possible to meet his parents’ expectations? Yes it is, and let me tell you how!

There are two main ways to get somebody to do something you want them to do. The first way is to make the pain of not doing what you want them to do far greater than the pain of actually doing it, and the second is to make the satisfaction of doing what you want them to do far greater than the satisfaction of not doing it.

It is my experience that meeting the goal using the second way is much easier than using the first way. Once again, human beings (especially kids) respond better to positive influences than they do to negative influences. So what does this mean in terms of your karate class?

If you lead your class like a drill sergeant and it’s “your way or the highway” you can be sure that your class will be poorly attended. The people in the class will probably be good but they will not know how to compromise and they certainly will not take any direction from anyone else but you. Therefore, if you are sick that day, you had better find another drill sergeant to take your place.

If you lead your class by example through positive encouragement, constructive feedback and mutual respect, I believe you will have a much easier time and will create better students both technically and in terms of their attitude.

Through doing this you will allow more people the opportunity to stick with karate long enough to begin to truly understand and experience the real benefits that come with an extended length of training and study in karate.

If, on the other hand, you scare them off after the first couple of lessons, they will forever be negatively inclined towards martial arts and may miss out on something that could have provided them with great value. Please be very careful with beginning students. Your job is to give them every chance to like martial arts so that they can make an educated decision as to whether it fits in with their lifestyle and goals.

Good luck and best wishes to you on your honorable and noble role in teaching. Feel free to write to me at erik@thekaratecoder.com with any questions you have on your practice or your teaching.

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